Updated 05Oct2019:

The K8TTE Repeater is a privately owned and maintained repeater (by KV8P) now on the air on 444.2125+ (103.5 pl) just North West of Holland, OH.  (Repeater is now Fully Cooordinated as of March 2016).  On air 25% of the time as of 10Oct2019.

The 444.2125+ is a System Fusion C4FM repeater that has been integrated to include additional FM functionality: 

Configuration:  S-Com 7330 Controller+ Micor Squelch Circuit,  Echolink , IC-9100 Remote base, Weather radio alert upon warning signal, PL=103.5 access,  7db Omni Directional Antennas at 28'.  5W  currently to duplexers.  17dB RX Preamp installed - 05Oct2019

Current Repeater Linking Schedule (all only occassional):

(no current linking schedule)

 More information on K8TTE/R :

The repeater is currently small scale coverage in the Holland area (more if you have gain antennas).  This system is regularly linked via remote base or Echolink (see typical schedule above). The repeater access will stay completely "open" for local VHF nets.

Normally, echolink will stay enabled at all times and will link to audio on the repeater itself.  However, note that audio will not transfer to the remote base at this time unless Rob (KV8P) enables it for you (easy, upon request). If you are interested in joining any remote base nets via echolink, or would like HF net repeater access information, please contact Rob Hall (KV8P) during most evenings on the repeater.  (will gladly provide access if you have appropriate license level)  Eventually, this full system may be moved to a higher profile location (slowly searching for a good option that will support Ethernet access and a few select remote base antennas for 6m and 2m).

History of the K8TTE call sign:  The repeater call sign originally belonged to Michael Gillahan, the late father of a good friend (Dave - KT8L) who used to live in Lambertville, MI.  As such, this call has since been assigned (via family member rights) to his son Dave as a club call of the North Country Amateur Radio Club (Small group of close college friends).  As such, this call sign has been assigned to the repeater and we are happy to hear that Michael's call sign lives on, somewhat close to where he lived.  

Rob Hall

(Amateur Radio - KV8P)​​

EMAIL: kv8p@kv8p.com