About me :  - updated 08Mar2023

I live in Holland Ohio with my wife Ania and my 10 y/o daughter Kora (pic needs an update).  We moved to Ohio in the spring of 2013 when my wife and I took new jobs in the Toledo area.  (Picture is aged quite a bit and needs an update)

I was born and raised in Traverse City, MI and have family around Michigan that we visit regularly.  Ania is Polish born and we travel to Krakow Poland on occasion to visit with her sisters and parents overseas. 

I have several hobbies, but as of today really only actively pursue and enjoy my ham radio hobby  (links below).  I enjoy the technical tinkering and repeater building aspects of the hobby the most, but I also enjoy contesting and award collecting (for working overseas stations).  I also enjoy motorcycling.  I currently drive a 2017 Harley Ultra Limited.

I work for Matrix Technologies in Maumee, OH as a Senior Manager, and I love what I do.  My specialty in our business has been Pharmaceutical Automation and Validation projects and I also manage our Service Division for our company.   I also am an active project manager and do some sales work for our company.  

~ Rob

Rob Hall - KV8P

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Rob Hall

(Amateur Radio - KV8P)​​

EMAIL: kv8p@kv8p.com